House Lifters’ extremely accurate floor level results are due to our expertise, unique levelling equipment and engineered designs. No site is too challenging - our levelling work in New Zealand has included hill sites, TC3 sections and coastal properties for flood management/flood protection.

House Lifters is the only New Zealand company providing a complete residential floor levelling service. House Lifters are mechanical jacking specialists - there’s no limit to the size or weight we can lift and level. We have a North Island head office in Auckland, South Island head office in Christchurch.

Our house levelling services can include:

  • Ring Foundations
  • Jack and Pack Piles
  • Slab On Grade
  • Slab On Tailings
  • Screw Piling Levelling


Lifting, Sliding & Levelling

In order to undertake relevelling, House Lifters can perform a low lift (1.5 metres), high lift (3 metres), or low lift and slide. For full or partial foundation replacement, we lift/lift and slide the house, re-level it, demolish the foundations, dig out and improve the ground, build the new foundations, lower the house and fix it onto the foundations.  LIFTING / SLIDING

Our ingenious Mechanical Jacking systems are recognised internationally for pin-point accuracy - earning our reputation for having the best levelling team and equipment in New Zealand. House Lifters also uses ZIPLEVEL® altimeters (mechanical lasers) to ensure the accuracy of the levelling. They are a very quick and extremely precise way to measure and read elevations, over any distance or elevation.

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House Lifters runs their jobs in a professional manner, using high-performing equipment, with good quality systems. The resulting finished levels are as good as can be achieved; from our experience we have not seen any other contractor consistently achieve the finished floor levels that House Lifters are.

Sam Richards - Managing Director, Richards Consulting Engineers


Unique Levelling Equipment

House Lifters’ Modular Synchronised Positioning System was custom-designed by engineers for even the most complex relevelling projects, including sites where access would normally be very difficult. We commissioned a team of engineers in the Netherlands to design and build a computer-controlled lifting and levelling system. Our unique system is lighter, more mobile, faster and easier to set up than conventional methods, and cranes and forklifts are not required. House Lifters does NOT use Bottle Jacks - they point load foundations, are inaccurate and very slow to work with.

The system software allows us to:

  • Set exact parameters to execute complex Lifts
  • Provide uniform Lifting & Levelling pressure in all Jacks
  • Spread loads evenly around the full System

House Lifters excavates around the perimeter to gain access under the Foundations, then we install and commission our engineered Truss Beam system, on top of the concrete floor/concrete slab (slab on grade). The floor and foundations are then carefully lifted as one - a very precise, controlled process (unlike traditional methods, which can damage the floor and slabs as they’re lifted). The floor is relevelled then grout is pumped in, to fill voids in the foundations.

Mechanical Slabjacking System: House Lifters’ range of concrete foundation repair options includes the Slabjack system. This uses temporary screw piles and brackets, combined with a low-mobility grout injected into the voids to lift and level the slab.


We excavate around the perimeter to gain access under the Foundations. The perimeter beam is lifted, then we ‘Jack and Pack’ all the piles. We then produce a Post-Level Survey, and a PS3 (Producer Statement) confirming all works are compliant with the Building Code. A Memorandum (Record of Works) will also be completed by a Licensed Building Practitioner.


Remedial Underpinning (Ground Stabilisation)

We can also undertake underpinning if required; to strengthen and stabilise the ground, extend the foundation depth and/or distribute the load across a larger area. Ground stabilisation may be required for properties with problem, low bearing capacity soils, and properties at-risk from seismic events, or classified as earthquake-prone.

Armadillo™ Foundation System: Re-Levellable Jacking Pads

House Lifters uses this revolutionary system for TC3 sites, and Commercial buildings. It’s the only Foundation system in New Zealand which can be relevelled via external jacking cavities (other systems re-level via internal works in the slab). Working in partnership with Armadillo™, House Lifters can install re-levellable Jacking Pads which can be used for Type B and Type C Foundations. If required in the future, adjustable-height props can be used to re-level the foundation wall, without major works.

Very Light: Armadillo™ Jacking Pads are only 25 kg each. Apart from some grout between the bottom of the Foundation walls and the ground, no extra weight is added. For conventional single storey dwellings with Type B foundations, the total load transferred by the Foundation walls to the soil, is around 500 kN (50 tons). When concrete pads are used, this load can become 600 kN (60 tons)!

Faster: Foundation walls can be re-levelled and propped in just one day, and concrete pads don’t need to be cured.



Screw Pile Levelling: Ground Screw Systems

House Lifters can re-level your property with Screw Piles. Unlike other companies, to install our screws we can use a specialised hand-held machine with the same torque comparison as a 5 tonne digger, to get under the soffits and into very hard to reach places. We then use the screws as bearings, to lift the house foundation off. Ground screws are safe, sustainable, cost-effective screw piling (earth anchoring) - no digging, concrete filling or welding required. Perfect for shallow foundations, TC1, TC2 and TC3 land.





Building Inspections & Floor Level Surveys

House Lifters also offers a full Building Inspection service - particularly important for ‘As Is Where Is ’ properties. The Building Inspection Report can also include a ZIPLEVEL® Survey and Analysis, with floor plan. Unlike rotary lasers, ZIPLEVEL® altimeters are a very quick and extremely precise way to measure and read elevations, over any distance or elevation.

Earthquake Repairs

If you’re Cash Settled or thinking about accepting a Cash Settlement, contact House Lifters to arrange a competitive quote for repairs. We have lifted and levelled hundreds of earthquake-damaged houses in Christchurch and Canterbury, including Heritage buildings. If your foundations damaged by the November 2016 earthquakes, House Lifters can rebuild and re-level earthquake-damaged foundations for houses in all earthquake-affected areas of Wellington, North Canterbury, the Hurunui District, Kaikoura and Cheviot.

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